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Two - Stage CC Implants


Multysystem® CC implants with internal hexagon are divided into various lines:

ST (Standard)

• PS-ST (Platform Switching Standard EXTRA SHORT)

• P-ST (Platform Switching Standard)

NST (New Standard)

• PS-NST (Platform Switching New Standard EXTRA SHORT)

• P-NST (Platform Switching New Standard)

• TM (Oversized Head)


CC Systems Connection:

• Unified internal hex

CC implant design:

• Conical biphasic

• Self-tapping with anti-rotation longitudinal apical milling

• 0.8 mm polished end of the neck, in order to facilitate the biocompatibility of the soft tissues

and micro-grooves for greater primary stability on the cortex


• neck entirely treated and prepared for the platform-switching technique

Thread pitch of CC implants

• 1.0 mm - to ensure immediate primary stability in the presence of D1 and D2 bone densities


• 2.0 mm - to compact alveoli with softer types of bone, density D3 and D4

or post-extraction sites

CC system measurements:

• Diameters from 3.2 to 5.7 mm

• Lengths from 5 (Extra Short) to 15 mm

• Lengths from 7.0 to 15.0 mm

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