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Our Products


Since 1996, Farah Drug Store has been a pioneer in offering a wide range of products and services that helps our customers and achieve their ambition.

Our collaboration  approach means we can share knowledge, skills and responsibilities like never before. 


The Multysystem ® group benefits from over 30 years of experience in the biomedical sector, gained by participating in multidisciplinary research aimed at the design and development of new implant-prosthetic technologies, in collaboration with university structures, medical specialists, dentists and dental technicians.



Since 1983, the company's centerline philosophy has been to design and manufacture castable spherical attachments with a connecting nylon female component being processed into the removable prosthetic device.

Mr. Ezio Nardi, founder of the company, pioneered this simple concept of ball and cap connectors. Over the past 30 years, this technology is the proven standard for RPD's and overdenture prosthetic design, improving superior oral health, functionality, esthetics and patient comfort. Today, Rhein83 is recognized worldwide for its technical expertise in spherical dental attachments, superstructure frame designs, and direct implant abutments.


Our goal is to create the perfect gown that suits the shape, personality and style of the customer. We offer a large selection of models, from classical to more innovative ones, that can be personalized with unique details, up to a real tailor's service.

Each article is designed to follow the movements of who wears it during the entire work day, offering utmost comfort: only a company with deep knowledge of each medical sector can offer all of the above. The article intended for a dentist is different from an article intended for a pharmacist.


Our client chooses Pastelli because he is aware that he must convey first of all, a neat aspect, elegance and self-confidence. And also because he is aware that Pastelli’s clothing articles ensure flexibility and comfort, essential aspects for clothing items that must be worn many hours a day.


Pastelli was the first to understand the communication power of colours, also with regards to a profession: to identify your activity with a distinctive image, to distinguish your role within your environment, to clearly express your personality. 


The company MARIOTTI&C was founded in Forlì - Italy in 1973 as a company specialising in mechanical planning and construction. Experience derived from different skills in the mechanical and electronic sectors come together within the company.

The first production for the dental sector was begun in the 70’s with the micromotors for laboratory. The continual research, in this sector, leds to manufacture milling-machines and brushless micromotors, which were well received by the international professionals, thanks to the great reliability.

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