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The Mariotti's technical staff working side-by-side with experts in the field, presents the new surgery/implantology piezoelectric units.

UNIKO.PZ delivers its ultrasonic power in an optimal way thanks to the innovative system of dynamic frequency control to ensure the proper supply of energy at any situation. 

The UNIKO.PZ version gives the double feature combining Piezoelectric and brushless Motor with high luminosity led light.

  • Excellent performances in safety and precise adjustment of power and vibration

  • Spraying system control through peristaltic pump

  • User friendly, immediate and intuitive use by touch keyboard and wide display

  • Update version via software

  • Ergonomic and powerfull piezoelectric handpiece, no overheating

  • Extended service life of parts that require sterilization. Suitable for autoclave sterilization: handpiece, cable, connector and supports.


Piezo handpiece (PZ01)

Optic contra-angle for led motors, 20:1 reduction, external and internal irrigation.
Top reliability and high torque.

Micromotor (UM.LED)

for UNIKO.PZ -


optic contra-angle 20:1, top reliability, external and internal spraying, push button


practical peristaltic pump, fast tube replacement and
top efficiency

Basic kit with n.6 tips 

for osteotomy, osteoplasty, extraction

Torque wrench 

for the right locking of the tip to the piezo handpiece

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