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The Unilateral castable attachment from Rhein83 is specifically intended for unilateral, bilateral or implant bar applications without additional support from milled bracing arms. OT Unilateral’s exclusive design features a two-in-one combination of 1.8 mm horizontal and vertical spheres utilizing OT Cap and OT Strategy micro size female caps. The male section of the attachment is engineered with a vertical strut which extends through the base of the attachment giving exceptional lateral stability and distal support to the prosthesis. The Uni-Box female component is a one piece castable housing that covers the entire male section, adding superior strength to the acrylic. Male and female components are invested and cast in a single ring, saving time and material costs.

OT Unilateral

OT Unilateral

Ref. 098UNL

Kit Contains:
- 1 OT Unilateral Castable Attachment
- 1 Uni-Box Castable
- 1 Plastic Positioner - Micro Size
- 1 Pink Cap - Micro Size
- 1 Strategy Yellow Cap - For Duplication Technique
- 1 Black Cap - Micro Size - For Laboratory Use
- 1 Strategy Black Cap - For Laboratory Use
- 1 Connector

Ref. 156BCU    


- 1 OT Unilateral Castable Attachment

Ref. 156CCU    

- 1 Uni-Box Castable

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