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Product Information

The Pivot Flex line of titanium posts were developed for direct denture solutions. The self-aligning Pivot Flex post features a swivel ball with a 2.5 mm diameter and is suitable for divergent roots. Denture insertion is said to be easy and trauma-free when the posts are used with directional rings to align retentive caps before the resin curing stage. There are five levels of retentive caps available in different colors.

Pivot Flex

Pivot Flex - TiN Coated
Titanium Post With Rotating Sphere - Standard Size
Adapted For Coping Cover 

Kit Contains:
- 1 Titanium Pivot Flex - Adapted For Coping Cover
- 1 Stainless Steel Housing For Resin - Standard Size
- 2 Pin Caps - Soft Retention
- 1 Protective Disk

- 3 Directional Rings

Coping Cover - For Overcasting


Ref. 037CCL

Kit Contains

- 1 Assembling  Ring For Pivots
- 2 Springs


Mooser Bur
For Pivot Size - 7 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm

Ref. A01MOG

Mooser Bur
For Pivot Size - 12 mm, 14 mm

Ref. A03MOB

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