Two - Stage TC Implants

The Multysystem TC systems are divided into two lines: 

•TC-N (Tapered Connection Narrow)

•TC-R (Tapered Connection Regular) 

TC Implants Connection:

The main feature of this line is the CONICAL-HEXAGONAL-THREADED connection, which has a conical hole, with an angle of 4.5 ° on each side, followed by an anti-rotation hexagon and a threaded hole.

The conometric connection exploits the mechanical principle of the MORSE CONE in order to guarantee:

- An antibacterial seal to prevent infiltration inside the implants and prevent any peri-implantitis

- Better results in terms of stability of the prosthetic abutments with a natural anti-loosening action

- Better long-term strength 

TC Implants Drawings: 

• Two-phase conical configuration

• Self-tapping with anti-rotation longitudinal apical milling

• Terminal part of the neck, in order to facilitate the biocompatibility of soft tissues

TC implant threads pitch:

• 1.0 mm - to ensure immediate primary stability, in the presence of D1 and D2 bone densities or

• 2.0 mm - to compact alveoli with softer types of bone, density D3 and D4 or post-extraction sites CT implant measurements:

• Diameters from 3.2 to 5.5 mm

• Lengths from 7.0 to 15.0 mm


Drilling Sequence


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